Thursday, August 14, 2014


Michaels is one of my FAVORITE stores to shop at!! I am lucky enough to have one less than a mile from my house!! They have so many awesome craft supplies, frames, and even organizational items.  Since I frequent Michaels so often, I knew I had to participate in Create2Educate! 

I saw this wooden caddy and knew I had to have it for my desk!
 I bought a bunch of ribbon from Michaels (who doesn't love ribbon) and tied it onto the handle.
 Added my mason jar supplies...
 and now I have the perfect desktop organizer!! So cute!!

Michaels is also my go-to store for table caddies.  This year I am changing my classroom colors a little so I bought blue, white, green, and yellow. Then I hot glued a ribbon around the caddy and added the table numbers.  I love these!
Tomorrow is the last day that Michaels is hosting its #create2educate contest! You can win a $50 gift card to spend in their store! Want to enter? It's easy! Just follow these 3 steps:
I know some of you are SO crafty! I can't wait to see what your projects!! 

Don't forget, teachers get a 15% discount from Michaels ALL year long!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School!

I honestly can't believe that it's time for school again! I'm sure I say this at the end of every summer, but this summer went especially fast!!  (I also heard as you get older the time goes unfortunately I am also getting old!)
 But, if we have to face a new school year, we might as well face it with a SALE!!  I am discounting my entire store 20% and you can save an additional 8% with the code BTS14. 
Here are some of my favorite products to start the year off with:
 These awesome words can be printed and added to a file folder.  I leave the folders at their writing center and the kids LOVE to use them!! At the beginning of the year they really just use them to label pictures, but eventually they are writing full stories using these folders!
 Five senses is actually one of the first 'themes' I teach.  So this packet is always put to great use! 
 My Work on Writing pack has become a life saver for me.  I print out multiple sets of each page and leave them in a hanging wall organizer at the writing center.  When students visit their center they can choose any type of writing they want: write the room, write the globe, they can write lists, stories, etc.  This makes setting up the writing center so easy and INDEPENDENT!
I don't know what I would do without these word work packs! haha They have saved me SO much time.  I have all of the packs already printed and in bags organized by month.  Each month I will pull out the bag and add the activities into the word work center.  They are all activities that meet the kindergarten standards, but are easy enough each month that the students can complete them independently.  Each month the skills continue to build upon the previous month.  So you really don't have to explain the centers each month because they students already know how to complete them!
One of the items I purchased and had to share were these computer center sheets from Mary over at Sharing Kindergarten.  You can add these sheets to all of your computer desktops and the activities are right there for your students to click on.  This will eliminate almost all of the computer questions students usually have!

Would love to hear what you are purchasing during the sale!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Creating a 'Love Notes' Board in Your Classroom

My students love to write me 'love notes' and draw me pictures (as I am sure all of yours do).  By the end of the day I have a small pile on my desk and I have no idea what to do with them!! So, I decided to create a 'love notes' board. 
 I love our classroom 'love notes' board and it is simple to make! I bought 4 cork boards from Jo-Ann's Fabric (they are also magnetic) and put them onto my wall using double sided sticky tape.  Yep, I said it!  Double sided sticky tape.  And it stayed up all year!  We aren't allowed to staple or nail into our walls so this solution worked perfectly. 
My students love this board just as much as I do.  I love displaying their 'love notes' and pictures on the wall for everyone to see and they love seeing their artwork displayed as well!  It makes them feel special just as they make me feel everyday!! 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Get Ready for Back to School with Freebielicious!

I can't believe I am going to start talking about back to school! I feel like summer just started and I am SO not ready to start a new year! But with that said, I get a lot of emails asking me what 'themes' I teach and how I can still teach in 'themes' with all of the standards we have to meet.  These were my themes last year.  They were slightly changed as the year went on and I'm sure they will change again a little this year.
 I am always flexible and open to new ideas!
This year I know I am going to tie my All About Me unit in with the Five Senses unit and make that 3 weeks.  I've also cut back on the Gingerbread Unit to create more time for Holidays Around the World.  I'm also considering doing 2 weeks on just penguins and then spending the next 2 weeks on animals to make time for group research projects!! You can find some of my detailed plans on these thematic units by clicking on the image below. Hope this helps you see how I incorporate theme with the standards, science, and social studies!!
I also get a lot of questions regarding the beginning of the school year.  What do I do that first week of school? How do I start introducing centers? Etc. Last year I documented EVERYTHING I did the first two days of school and wrote about it HERE
So...speaking of back to girls over at Freebielicious and I have teamed up with Educents and we have some instant downloads for you! This pack is loaded with great products for back to school including book studies, craftivities, classroom prep, and content materials!  With 23 instant downloads... it is definitely something you have to check it out!  

My product included will help get you excited to start school again and hopefully make setting up your classroom a little easier!
For some reason this past year I never took any pictures of my classroom set up!! But, you can definitely see some of the black and white decor pack in the background of my pictures! Here you can see the number posters hanging :)
The pack includes the alphabet, word wall letters with matching images, months, days of the week, number posters, color posters, and shape posters!
For a limited time the bundle is $34.99 from Educents which is 68% off!  Twenty-three products for your kinder and first grade classrooms and over 1200 pages of materials from some of your favorite teachers!  It's a bundle you are sure to LOVE!

Click on any of the links below to take a peek at some of the other teachers featured in this bundle.  You will also find some great ideas for back to school!